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Slide stays during restoartion and reproduction parts

Reproduction and restored steel window fittings in IBMA






Private House, Scotland

Arens gear in ChromeOriginally designed and built in between 1937 and 1939, the ironmongery and fittings required careful restoration, repair and reproduction of new parts to return the house to its former glory.

The property contained many unique features of which the most obscure and outlandish is the ‘Arens’ gear window operating system. The principles, allow fanlight windows to be open and closed by pushing or pulling a remote handle.

The rods and springs of the mechanism are all housed within brass square tube section, this was specifically extruded for the project by MBL, it then required exact bending and shaping at our workshops on purpose made jigs and presses produced in-house.

Even the springs inside the mechanism demanded weeks of careful research and development to achieve a durable and operational reliability.

The finished mechanisms varied in length from just over one metre to over six metres. The largest ‘Arens’ gear mechanism required special development to allow assembly on site by the main contractor. The finished mechanisms were finished in bright chrome plate or IBMA as required.

Other items of architectural ironmongery to be refurbished and replicated included numerous sliding casement stays, casement fasteners, quadrant stays, steel door mortise locks, handles and bolt system, all to be finished to exact specifications to allow the window restoration company (Steel Window Services) to install with relative ease on site.

Further works to the interior phase of the house included full ironmongery scheduling and supply of reproduction parts and new modern fittings along with the careful restoration of existing Bakelite knobs and escutcheon plates.